ZGTS Titanium Derma Roller Review

I mentioned in one of my earlier posts that I was going to try a new derma roller brand called ZGTS Titanium. Well, I ordered it. And it arrived. And I’ve been using it a couple of times so I can now give you my first impressions of it.

Packaging: The first thing you notice about the ZGTS roller is that it is very nicely packaged. It comes in a sturdy plastic box with sort of a foamed plastic inside with a hole in which the roller’s handle is tightly held and can’t wriggle inside. There is yet an additional barrier preventing the needles from touching anything, in the form of a cylindrical transparent plastic cover, which, once closed, keeps the head of the roller in its center, again, protecting the needles.

Anyway, as you can probably tell I like the packaging. In my opinion it’s actually even better than the Dr. Roller’s, which tends to let the roller wander inside the case.

Handle: No real problem here, it’s nicely curved and pretty comfortable to hold, BUT, I must say, by now I kind of got used to Dr. Roller’s handle which allows you to safely place your index finger close to the needles drum, and gives you more control over the pressure you roll with.

Needles: This is supposed to be the big deal about this roller: its needles are actually made of Titanium Alloy, which is lightweight and obviously very strong. Supposedly this makes the roller last longer than any other, and although it’s too soon for me to say if it does, it’s pretty safe to assume that in fact it does.

But again there’s a “but”, because, possibly due to the nature of Titanium, the needles are unmistakably not as fine as in other rollers that I’ve used. Even at the 0.5mm length which I ordered, it felt on my skin more like a 1.0mm, in my opinion making it less suitable for sensitive areas such as the face.

For the more fleshy parts of the body (butt, thighs, hips, back) this roller would be ideal, though (even in the 1.0mm length, I suspect).

Bottom Line: While the ZGTS Titanium is a decent roller, with good quality build, it is better used only on parts of the body in which the skin is thick. With its Titanium needles, it is made to last for a long time, and considering its price (which is considerably cheaper than most rollers), it makes for a very economical derma roller.

Verdict: 3/5 stars.

Clarita Lorenzano

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