The Mask Wars: The place Do Connecticut Patch Readers Stand?

CONNECTICUT — Your mom very likely informed you in no way to go over religion or politics among the strangers. Primarily based on the final results of Patch’s most modern reader study, you can incorporate mandatory mask donning to that shorter list of taboo topics certain to result in a […]

CONNECTICUT — Your mom very likely informed you in no way to go over religion or politics among the strangers. Primarily based on the final results of Patch’s most modern reader study, you can incorporate mandatory mask donning to that shorter list of taboo topics certain to result in a kerfuffle.

With an uptick in both hospitalizations and the coronavirus positivity amount brought about by the distribute of the delta variant, municipal leaders newly empowered by Gov. Ned Lamont are searching tough at requiring masks for both of those vaccinated and unvaccinated residents.

Some have presently pulled the cause. Town chiefs in Norwalk, Stamford, Danbury, Bridgeport, Hartford, and New Haven have all issued orders necessitating people and readers to mask up in general public regions indoors, irrespective of their vaccination standing.

The percentage of Patch visitors taking the survey who instructed us they had been vaccinated (69.5 p.c) jibes quite nicely with the stats from the condition Department of Community Wellbeing for Connecticut as a complete.

But if 70 per cent of residents have been vaccinated, doesn’t that indicate that about 30 per cent of the folks on line at the Cease-N-Store really should be sporting masks, according to current state guidelines?

“Amongst the folks I know, I have recognized the extra people today who aren’t masked are the ones who is not going to get vaccinated. That’s a major issue. I do not feel vaccinated people need to have to have on masks, in typical, but it might be the only way to guard ourselves towards those that will stress about COVID when they get it,” one reader noticed.

There is no denying that the delta variant has moved the goalposts. Residents who experienced experienced as a result of a dreary lockdown of masked socializing and shuttered venues were being instructed all that would go away if they would just get choose the jab. Now, many are experience the sting of what some audience identified as a “bait-and-swap.”

“I got vaccinated so I did not need to mask any more,” a single explained.

“When will it at any time end? Once you explain to folks the solution is to vaccinate, you are not able to then go back again and involve masking. And cloth masks do not prevent virus particles, so this is truly for display,” another discussed.

A lot of of individuals in favor of municipal masking were being just as fed up with the pandemic, and saw new limits as the only reasonable ladder out of the gap. Most of them experienced very little tolerance for anti-maskers or anti-vaxxers they observed as delaying the course of action.

“Folks ought to be offered zero tolerance insurance policies in regards to refusing to have on masks/obtaining the vaccine. At this place modify will not come about until it is compelled.”

“It’s time to action up and give a considered for some others. The peaceful masking rule considering the fact that May 19 is NOT doing work. The number of maskless unvaccinated is staggering. I dress in a mask all working day each and every working day at get the job done, and it is really not a hardship. Putting on a mask to safeguard other individuals just isn’t federal government overreach it can be called a compassionate society.”

Approximately half of the audience who took the Patch study claimed they by no means put on a mask indoors in community now, and that variety won’t modify by much if there is a surge in bacterial infections, dependent on the study results.

Almost 45 % of the Patch visitors who took the poll claimed they however would not wear a mask even following a surge in delta or other variant instances in their area, and 9.4 % weren’t confident. In the terms of one hold-out, “COVID is just the flu. Get over it you major toddler.”

Other visitors with a a lot more analytical bent have been subsequent the quantities, and pointed out that although hospitalizations are on the increase, they are far absent from staying any type of burden to the state’s well being treatment process. An infection degrees have been increasing as nicely, they admit, but they also observe there has been a tremendously lessened selection of checks taken each and every working day. Others place to the coronavirus-associated demise toll which has also dropped to in the vicinity of zero.

“The COVID premiums are going again up, but the fatalities for every working day are not, they are the similar as when COVID was .3%, it’s okay if people get sick, it helps make our immune procedure much better,” according to just one reader.

“If the Positivity rate hits 5%, I am going to use a mask in the supermarket or public properties,” another reported.

Several viewers have been significantly less opposed to municipal mask mandates than they ended up to the chaos they predicted the orders would trigger. They were being between the 38 percent surveyed who said they preferred Lamont to re-impose a statewide purchase for masks, regardless of area infection stages.

“It truly is shameful that our governor lacks the backbone to carry out an order to demand masking in all public locations,” one particular reader informed us.

“Coronavirus is familiar with no boundaries. Just for the reason that a particular city is 90% vaccinated will not signify that it won’t have people from reduced-vaccinated towns, spreading COVID,” according to yet another reader.

The latest problem at the open southern border, in which immigrants may well enter untested, unvaccinated and unmasked was a sore level for numerous. But vaccine passports didn’t get a large amount of love from Patch visitors, both. When we floated this question in a survey in April, just a minor in excess of 55 % of these responding mentioned they were being against the idea, and just about 45 % ended up in favor of the certification.

This time around, having stared down an more a few months of the virus, their resistance had been worn down to just in excess of 51 %.


Masks shouldn’t be a factor anymore, some said. And many questioned their effectiveness. Others insisted, instead, it is the vaccine that should be mandatory.

By far the topic that drew the most comments was, predictably, was whether mask-wearing had a future in Connecticut schools this fall. The electricity the subject generates can be traced in part to the uncertainty among parents and superintendents on what guidance the state Department of Public Health will offer school districts. Lamont has promised he would give all concerned parties a two-week heads up, but the shoe hasn’t dropped yet.

There is speculation the governor will afford superintendents the same wiggle room he has given mayors for their towns, and/or provide guidelines based upon local infection rates. According to the survey, around 55 percent of Patch readers prefer that direction to a one-size-fits all approach.

Of course, there’s that “chaos” thing again:

“If the protocols are town-by-town, particularly for school mask policies, the rules may be influenced more by a small group of vocal, angry parents than by the science,” one reader said. “Consistency across the state helps remove this influence from the hands of the few (and takes the target off of the superintendent’s back). Prevention and keeping infection numbers low is better than trying to react to changing numbers as students begin school, or when vacations happen, etc.”

And make no mistake, many parents are angry. By far the single most common comment we received was the 3-word entreaty to “Unmask Our Kids,” followed by any number of exclamation points. Over 53 percent who responded were opposed to school staff and students wearing masks in the classroom come the fall.

Even if the final numbers in the survey didn’t point to a decisive public opinion “victory” for either point of view, one thing was crystal clear to anyone wading through the over 3,140 responses: passions are at an all-time high, and compromise does not seem in the cards.

“It’s time to stop coddling the anti-vaxxers. They are the ones who are responsible for our situation and everyone suffers because of them.”

“Stay out of our personal business and let us Americans have our freedom to make our own decisions regarding our own health.”

Clarita Lorenzano

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