Mom Seduction Made Easy

So, you’ve fallen for an attractive older woman and want to know all about mom seduction. Older women are different from the younger, less experienced ones, so it’s very smart of you to check the internet for some tips. In general, moms need to be approached quite differently than non-mothers because of their commitments to their children. This article outlines some general guidelines.

As previously stated, mothers are generally quite preoccupied. A smart “player” will use this to his advantage, but take it slow. Mother’s will appreciate any help that you offer her, so be generous and understanding. If you’ve already built a level of trust with the woman and her kids, offer to do “dad things”. This could be taking the kids to the cinema whilst the mother relaxes, or taking them to play some games. Take this slowly, and don’t push too hard at first, as this is all about continuing to build trust.

Once the kids and the mom both appreciate you for all the help, you can start making slow advances. Again, don’t be too forward, especially if she’s married (this article does not condone nor recommend infidelity). The ideal mom to seduce would be an older, divorced woman in her 30s or 40s. Her sex drive should be naturally quite high, and if you play your cards right she may even initiate sex with you, rather than the other way around.

Try to create as much “alone time” as possible, where it is only you and her in the room. The easiest way is probably to take the kids out late in the afternoon and drop them off close to their bedtime. If you do this right the kids will be sound asleep and the mother will be relaxed and comfortable. Make her feel free again. Subtly drop sexual connotations into conversation. If she is interested she will respond. Again, since she is a busy single mom, you have a pretty good chance that she’ll respond positively. Mothers can be aggressive seducers and lovers.

Obviously there are many more tips involved in mom seduction. The internet is a valuable resource to learn about attracting all kinds of women. You might like to have a look at some attraction educational packages available online.

Clarita Lorenzano

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